19 January, 2022

Adjust’s Ozan Sisman Cooks Up Successful Mobile Marketing Partnerships


Ozan Sisman, Partnership Manager at Adjust, is a unique combination of numbers and sociability.

It’s been a bit of an unpredictable year. From an MMP perspective, what are some key trends that you noticed? Were there any interesting trends that surprised you?

COVID-19 had an enormous impact on the app economy over the last year, accelerating growth across verticals, as people turned to mobile for a broader range of activities.

From entertainment and e-commerce to fitness and finance, a key trend we identified is that users are more likely than ever before to spend on subscriptions. Recent research conducted by Adjust found that Gen Z and Millennials spend an average of $25.85 USD a month globally and that many have even stopped paying for services like gym memberships in order to buy app subscriptions.

What advice would you give someone looking for a mobile marketing partner?

There are three key things that are essential when looking for an MMP: unlimited access to attribution data, proactive fraud prevention – not just detection – and high-quality support.

Mobile attribution is the cornerstone of any good user acquisition strategy, providing marketers with the intelligence and data visibility necessary to drive campaign and budget decisions.

When it comes to mobile ad fraud, most providers offer some kind of anti-fraud product, but many solutions are short of a robust toolkit that focuses on prevention. This means they are reactive – they don’t prevent fraud but only provide you with the information on whether fraud took place. Without proactive prevention, data sets will be ruined by the presence of fraudulent activity.


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